• high dimensional accuracy, lowest possible production tolerances
  • up to ca. 350 mm, from several gram up to 3,5kg (heavier details upon individual arrangement)


  • high dimensional accuracy, lowest possible production tolerances
  • low surface roughness
  • manufacturing of details with complex shapes at reasonable prices
  • maximum elimination of machining processes

"Steelcast" casting facility manufactures precision castings weighing from 2 g to 4000 g (bigger details upon individual arrangement). The dimensions of castings do not exceed 320mm.

Metal foundry, simple acid-resistant castings, pure heat-resistant castings.

Year by year the demand for precision castings in industry is increasing. The lost wax casting method is used in more diversified fields of industry. The advantage of this method is its high dimensional accuracy, the possibility of manufacturing details with complex shapes and low surface roughness.

For this reason, the sooner you request a quotation, the sooner you will discover the advantages of this casting method.

At Steelcast, any casting process works are performed by a team of experienced and highly qualified employees. Moreover, relevant supervision of the entire process ensures delivery of products conforming to customer requirements and arrangements.

The lost-wax casting method is used wherever complex shapes and details involve significant costs when executed in the conventional way. In such cases precision castings is a much more effective and economical solution. Thanks to continuous further modernization and through the use of a manufacturing process of modern materials, "Steelcast" casting facility is able to fulfil the strict demands posed by the largest Polish companies.

"Steelcast" casting facility works closely with the casting department of Poznan University of Technology. This collaboration resulted in the introduction by "Steelcast" in 2013 a technological innovation developed with the assistance of Poznan University of Technology and the support of funds from the European Union. The products thus developed are acid-proof balls for ball valves, made of a high-chromium iron alloy with Cr content exceeding 31% and with other alloys. This material features excellent strength, hardness and abrasion resistance. In addition, this material is resistant to high temperature, and up to the temperature of 1200°C its physical parameters are unchanged. The material has excellent anti-corrosion properties.