We have manufactured high quality steel valve
balls for many years now.

  • Our product range includes full and shell balls of acid-proof and stainless steel, also to the Customer’s drawing.
  • Ball sizes: DN10 - DN200.

Steel valve balls, acid balls

The Steelcast company’s product range has for many years included steel valve balls. Aside from being an importer, we are also a manufacturer. In our modern metal foundry we can produce valve balls of high quality, made of moulds with a hollow inside. We produce these in sizes from DN50 to DN200, made of carbon steel coated with nickel-chrome or from acid-proof steel. The company's product range has been extended to include also full, solid valve balls, which we import in sizes from DN10 to DN150. We also offer valve balls made of stainless or nickel-coated carbon steel. These meet all the standards, but for those customers who need non-standard solutions we manufacture valve balls in accordance with the customer’s technical drawing.